Anatomy in Motion (AIM)

Our Approach To Anatomy In Motion (AIM)

Anatomy in Motion (AIM) works from the ground up: this technique assesses your feet—how you position them, how you shift your weight, and how you strike while walking and running—to see how they affect the rest of your body and your natural movements.

Benefits Of Anatomy In Motion (AIM):

  • Locates your center of gravity to improve balance
  • Teaches you how your feet affect your entire posture and how you move
  • Modifies your gait for pain free movement

Anatomy In Motion (AIM) Is Good For Anyone:

  • With chronic pain
  • Overcoming a foot or leg injury
  • Running at an elite level


Your Visit

Focus on the basics—we record your natural walk, without shoes and off a treadmill. We observe your gait patterns and the way your feet strike the ground, to see how asymmetries and old injuries travel up the kinetic chain to the top of your spine.

Once we’ve completed the filmed assessment, we design specific exercises to help you find your center and get you moving properly. This treatment is especially effective for runners and those struggling with chronic foot injuries like plantar fasciitis, calf strain, or IT band syndrome.