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78 / The Best Ways To Eat Mindfully & Deliciously w/ Alison Marras

Diets are tough. If you’ve ever bounced from one fad diet to the next, given up and had to restart, or just been overwhelmed by the discipline involved, you’re not alone. The key though is understanding that a diet is just one of many tools for wellness. With that mindset, eating can become fun once again and healthy results can follow. 

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Alison Marras is a nutritional therapy practitioner and mindfulness coach based in New York City. She leads her clients to find and utilize the diet that is best for them by providing meal plans and helping them establish mindful eating habits.

Alison shares her knowledge of how diets work best when adapted to the individual. There is no “one size fits all” diet. Therefore, really understanding your lifestyle and body is crucial for tailoring the right diet for you. Doing so will lead to better results and more satisfaction in the end.

By coaching her clients to eat mindfully, without distractions, Alison helps them create a healthy association with food. She shares how this reduces bloating, overeating, and other problems associated with the modern lifestyle.

Effectively dieting for your best health and wellness requires lifestyle changes. There is no magic fix. However, there are mindsets and tools out there to help. Alison shares how she approaches this necessary shift in thinking and how she and her clients have benefited from it.

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In this episode

  • Why successful diets need to be tailored to the individual
  • What mindful eating is and why it’s the key to effective dieting and healthy digestion
  • Understanding what your body is telling you when you have a craving
  • Why it’s important to start your day with protein
  • Dealing with the effects of Hashimoto’s on fertility
  • Supporting your wellness during the postpartum period
  • Using nutrition and lifestyle adjustments to prevent burnout


“Diets are tools and templates. We’re really supposed to take them and then adjust them to our lifestyle and digestion.” [2:30]

“You’ll start to taste new things in the food. The longer you chew, the more taste you’ll get out of it.” [12:05]

“There are tools for different healing. There are tools for different issues in your life. When you’re using diet as the only tool, it’s time to put it down.” [32:34]

“Our adrenals are so key because they keep us alive. Our body prioritizes our adrenals.” [35:51]


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