Achilles Tendonitis and Ruptures

What is achilles tendonitis and ruptures?

Achilles tendonitis is caused by overexerting the achilles tendon and is most often impacting athletes who are improperly training or excessively training. Sports which require a lot of running and jumping are often linked to achilles tendinitis.

An achilles rupture occurs when the tendon breaks, which typically takes place when jumping or pushing off of something in a fast paced, aggressive manner. Athletes often suffer from this injury, along with senior citizens, people with previous achilles issues,and anyone drastically increasing the intensity of their workouts.

What are the symptoms of achilles tendonitis and ruptures?

The symptoms of achilles tendonitis are swelling and pain in the back of the leg and near the bottom of the foot, with symptoms worsening during or after a lot of movement in the legs, and stiffness occurring soon afterwards.

The symptoms of achilles ruptures include the sensation of a sudden shooting or stabbing pain that hits the back of the ankle and then turns into a dull and consistent ache. You may also notice the feeling that something has popped out of place, as well as swelling near the site of injury.

How do we treat achilles tendonitis and ruptures?

We treat achilles tendonitis through a variety of stretching exercises that are designed to take tension and pain off the achilles tendon and make walking more comfortable.

We treat achilles ruptures by strengthening the muscles found in the back of the leg to improve mobility, range of motion, and to take pressure off of the achilles and distribute it elsewhere.