About Urban Wellness Clinic

We are movement experts—chiropractic doctors, functional movement specialists, personal trainers, and athletes—empowering people to move smarter, better, and pain-free.

We solve problems. Your pain symptoms are the start, but they don’t tell the whole story. Beyond your injury, we dive deep into your everyday life: your environment, nutrition, exercise routine, and posture. What makes you, you. Taking this time and care pays big; we catch what others miss, and you get back on track to a speedy recovery, often avoiding surgery. We are a health and wellness center that goes above and beyond for our patients.

We are your team. No need to stick to one approach or practitioner type. At Urban Wellness Clinic, we combine our extensive knowledge, techniques, and styles to ensure your best treatment plan. Your chiropractor stays in the loop as you visit your movement therapist, and what your trainer observes during a workout helps your doctor refine their focus. It’s a collaborative—and effective!—process at our wellness clinic, with you at the center.

We’ve got your back. Unsure why you’re in pain, or how you even injured yourself? Don’t sweat it. At our wellness center we pledge to truly figure it out, whether that’s re-creating the scenario in our office (jogging, lunging, hefting groceries, clicking a mouse, etc.) or joining you in action at the scene. A 7 a.m. fitness boot camp to better learn how you move? Count us in.

We champion self-knowledge—and teach you the tools. We want you to reach your highest physical potential. Which means giving you the resources—everything we’ve learned from our own training and marathon prep, exercises developed for pro athletes, and nutritional counseling that jumpstarts a balanced system—to recuperate, improve your performance, and prevent injuries. Forge your path to better health at our health and wellness clinic!

As a last note, patients tell us we’re often the last resort, before more pills, more invasive procedures, more pain. We’re proud to say we deliver. We believe everyone should be able to do what they love—and helping people do so, without pain, is what we love, too.

Let’s get to work. Call us at 212-355-0445, or email us at info@urbanwellnessclinic.com: we’re here for you.