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A day in the life: Shanti Hauptmann part 3

Shanti Hauptmann, Yoga Instructor

8:05am: I lay there a moment…find myself onto my back, shimmy myself to getting my legs up the wall and play my grounding meditation on my ipod…grounding out all the unnecessary energies not serving my body.

 8:30am Coconut oil body massage with dry brushing to get my circulation going…then a cold shower!…water heater didn’t turn on…yes, living la vida loca in Mexico! But actually it woke me up and I feel amazing afterwards, it also helps reduce lingering morning stiffness.

9:00am Check my email sitting on the upstairs terrace under the Baja sun. I adore living the baja lifestyle, but need my connection to the outside world.  I contemplate my class content.

10am Rancho Pescadero: I begin teaching my class for the day.  Accessing my audience and my “plan”…adaptation to be made for what I had planned was a bit more challenging…I am clam and relax and begin to teach who is in front of me.

12:30pm Head back to Todos Santos, stopping for a Baja Brewing company for a mean mean coffee and catching up with friends and locals.

2:30pm Lunch! I am feeling a bit ungrounded from all the coffee I drank this morning. Delicious Chinese glass noodle stir fry with veggies and beef—a specialty of my mothers. A nice alternative from the daily Tacos (don’t get me wrong I love tacos!)

 4:45pm Off to the terrace to collect a few rays of sunshine…journaling, my personal 30 day practice to get on my mat and get moving!

6:30pm  A bite to eat…of course a quesadilla with avocado and tomato! Watch a movie…a german film, which reminds me of my childhood as my grandmother used send them to me from Germany on VHS when we moved to the USA.

 9:00pm Supine meditation with legs up the wall…which is so relaxing that I fall into a deep sleep.  Night, Night. 🙂