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5 Ways To Help A New Mama Out

One of the most intense experiences any woman can go through is welcoming a new baby into their life. Every mama loves visitors and getting in touch with the outside world while they are hibernating in the baby cave. It’s true, it really does take a village to raise a child, or more specifically support mama so she can take best care of baby.   Go help mama out when she is ready and you’ll be the highlight of her day.

Hold her baby. Give her a break to do anything she chooses…wash her hair, take a nap, or wash the dishes. That freedom of choice will give a huge sense of relief to the new mama that often feels bound to their baby’s every need. Just stepping away to take a shower can be a celebrated event in their day. If the baby is under 6 months old they don’t have the neck strength yet to hold up their head, so make sure to support the baby’s head and the nape of their neck. Wash your hands when you first walk in the house, without her asking, it will ease every new mom’s germ conscious fears.

Feed Her. New mamas are way too busy and exhausted to figure out what they are going to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had days where I’d wake up at 7am and find myself not eating til 2pm, the mornings would fly by with feedings and naps. Make her a home cooked meal. Even in NYC with the luxury of Seamless, Caviar, Grubhub, and Plated, nothing is as nurturing as a home cooked meal made with love.

Fold her laundry. Not sure why clean laundry piles up but folding laundry seems to be the last of the chores to get done.

Let her vent. There are so many firsts and highs of having a new baby. Don’t forget these are accompanied by the lows, fluctuating hormones play a big part. Expect to be a listening ear for sleep deprivation, explosive poopy diapers, diaper rash, sleep training and crying every 15 minutes. Hold the space for her to have a good cry and then bust out your best jokes to remind her to stay light-hearted.

Get her out of the house. Plan a manageable, baby-friendly adventure if she feels like she needs to get out of the house. Keep it short and simple. A walk around the block can feel daunting in the beginning, getting the baby ready, the diaper bag prepared, and deciding whether to take the stroller or the carrier can feel like a momentous decision. She’ll appreciate a change in setting and a breath of fresh air.

Keep in mind that long, coherent conversation with witty banter is probably not happening these days. I know I felt like a teenager in puberty in social interactions after being in the house for days on end with a winter baby. Don’t’ take it personally and know it’s temporary. She just doesn’t have the bandwidth to socialize like she used to right now.

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