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5 Tips for Running the 2015 New York City Marathon

In the midst of a seemingly endless stretch of hot and sticky summer days, 11.01.2015 might seem FAR away. The truth is, time flies, and it will here before we know it! There’s never a better day than the present to start thinking about running the New York City Marathon. Keep these five things in mind to make 2015 your year! If you don’t have an entry, not to worry. The NYRR Charity Partner Program is a great option.

1. Hydration & Nutrition – Get in the habit of following post-run fueling guidelines to maximize your marathon training. Aim to eat 100-300 calories of carbohydrates and protein (3:1 ratio) within 30 minutes of completing training runs. It is never too early to make a Race Day hydration and nutrition plan and start practicing on longer runs. Experiment with different flavors and brands of energy gels, bars and sports drinks so there are no surprises on Race Day. Start to recruit friends and family to help you out with hydration and nutrition along the course on Race Day.

2. Training Group – Training for a marathon is as much about the process as the race itself! Find buddies to train with that will keep you motivated and on track. Check out the NYRR Club Directory for a comprehensive list. Jack Rabbit Sports, Paragon Sports and The New York Running Company also have weekly running groups. There are group options for runners of all abilities in NYC.Jogging Group for Marathon 3. Training Plan – Identify a training plan that lines up with your goals and is one you can stick to. There are plans out there for every level of commitment, ability and schedule. No excuses! For those who have a difficult time squeezing in runs during the workweek and would rather do the bulk of training on the weekend, Hal Higdon’s plans are great. The Hansons Marathon Method, another solid option, emphasizes quality (workout intensity) over quantity (mileage). NYRR’s program is great for those who are looking for a more interactive approach to training.

Get your injury prevention plan in place before you start training!

4. The Course – The NYCM course is not for the faint of heart. Take advantage of living in New York City and study the course map. Start practicing on the terrain you will face during the course: Central Park, First Avenue and the bridges (Verrazano-Narrows, Pulaski, Queensboro, Willis Ave., Madison Ave.) This is your leg up on the rest of the competition! Get a sense for wind patterns and how you might have to adjust your pace if you face a sustained headwind on Race Day. A training plan executed entirely on the treadmill, while okay for certain marathon courses, will leave you ill-prepared for the challenges of NYCM.

Stretching Exercises before Jogging 5. Injury Prevention – Most importantly, get your injury prevention plan in place before you start training! It is easy to overlook the importance of seeking treatment, but there is no excuse when the best chiropractor in all the land is right here in New York City! Plan to meet with Dr Kiberd before you start training to address biomechanical issues that will only be exacerbated by the high(er) mileage that marathon training will require. Get into a regular routine of hands-on treatment, pre/post-hab exercises, stretching and icing. Identify your weaknesses and address them now.

By: Sarah Cummings

Sarah Runs the City