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3 Powerful Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs are gaining popularity—and for good reason. The average employee spends 48,360 hours sitting at a desk during their career, which is a staggering corporate wellness program statistic. That’s equivalent to five long years! No wonder 80% of Americans have experienced significant back pain at one point or another. We’re living increasingly sedentary lifestyles and, as both employees and employers, we’re paying the price.

If you’re a business owner, and wondering why a corporate wellness program, take note: It’s not just the biggest, most innovative companies that are adopting corporate wellness programs these days. Workplace wellness initiatives are popping up left and right across corporate America. Employees are undoubtedly any company’s most valuable assets. And creating a healthy work environment and offering techniques to mitigate the physical and mental tolls of the job can pay off in dividends.

3 Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

  1. Elevate morale. Healthy employees are happy employees—and happy employees mean happy clients. When you create a positive, healthful environment, that energy permeates into the work being done. And a strong morale does wonders for attracting and retaining top talent. 
  2. Lower healthcare costs. Healthcare costs put a significant dent in a company’s It makes sense then to target related expenses. The greater the health risks of an employee, the higher the cost to insure them. A good wellness program can help lower the risks and improve quality of life, while substantially lowering costs.
  3. Boost productivity. Research shows that workplace wellness programs increase efficiency and productivity. It’s a no-brainer really—no one operates at their full potential when sick. It makes perfect sense then that improved health will lead to more efficient, productive, and profitable work.

Need some ideas for employee health and wellness programs?

It’s important to find a wellness program that goes beyond simply teaching participants how to strike a work/life balance. At Urban Wellness Clinic, we believe in a one on one approach to wellness. Our corporate wellness solutions are tailor made to guarantee your staff members are in good health and optimum shape to work efficiently, productively, and happily. Experience the Urban Wellness Clinic difference:

Ergonomic Assessment – Individualized comprehensive assessment—posture, arm placement, computer screen angle, etc.—designed to increase productivity, improve safety, and ensure greater comfort. We take before and after photos so your employees can see and feel the difference. As Doctors, we are able to tailor the desk set up around the employees’ complaints or pain areas. We offer bespoke, yet cost efficient solutions to your desk alignment issues.

Yoga Therapy – On-site yoga exercises to heal chronic work-related injuries, reduce stress, improve alignment, correct breathing patterns, and fix stooped over posture. Not only good for the body, other benefits include improved clarity and calm of the mind.

Corporate Wellness Program

Nutrition Counseling – Professional guidance on proper nutrition as a key component of wellness—from energy boosting foods to nutrients that help clear the mind, improve concentration, and help maintain a healthy body. We teach your employees how to use food as medicine to beat the 2pm slump.

Chair Massage – Medical massages that treat common work-related overuse injuries such as back pain, headaches, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome, performed by skilled therapists with over 15 years experience.

Corporate Wellness Program

There’s no time like the present

Summer is an ideal time to get a wellness program in place. With the longer days and warmer weather, people are more active and focused on their health and wellness. This sets a great stage for introducing a successful corporate wellness program in the workplace—meaning better buy-in and results.

To learn more about corporate wellness in New York City, check out the clinic and give us a call, 212-355-0445. We’d love to design a program for you!

Best in health,

Dr Emily Kiberd