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13 Ways To De-Stress After Election Day

Feeling overwhelmed or under a dark cloud post election? Need a way to unwind? Yeah, me too! Maybe the change in seasons just has you in a funk, and now, on top of that, Trump will become president. Give yourself some much needed TLC in some of our favorite places around NYC. Your body will thank you.

1. Good Deprivation

Especially after the electoral information overload–including but not limited to building a wall, p*ssy grabbing, and leaked emails–sensory deprivation is just what the body needs. Floating, AKA R.E.S.T. or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy is exactly what we all need from time to time. LIFT’s isolation tanks are the perfect environment in which to turn inward. Get rid of pain, stress, anxiety, and depression while you’re suspended in a solution of water and Epsom salt, creating a sensation of weightlessness: a buoyancy greater than the Dead Sea. Allow yourself to be cradled in 1000 pounds of salt and emerge with silky skin and smooth hair. Activate those theta brain waves, the ones that carry you to a deep sleep. Some claim a 60-minute session can help you reach a state of meditation only accessible to advanced meditators. Get ready to return to the womb! Take note, do not shave a day before immersion, you’ll feel like your entire body is burning.salt room

2. Salt Gong Bath

Salt is naturally anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. So open yourself to the healing sound vibrations of the Gong—used for centuries around the globe to calm the mind and recharge the body—while benefiting from the micro-particles of salt being filtered into the air. Check out Breathe Salt Rooms.

3. Acupuncture for yin deficiency

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), overwork and stress are the most common causes of a deficiency of yin energy. You’re often tired, thirsty, and achy, among other symptoms. This is the result of blocked energetic pathways. Consider acupuncture at the Urban Wellness Clinic! It’s an amazing tool for igniting your body’s power to self-heal.air ancient baths

4. Turkish baths & Little Toyko Ramen

The Russian & Turkish Baths has been serving New York since 1892. They’ve got saunas, steam rooms, a cold plunge pool, a roof deck, and more. Try their massages or salt and mud treatments. Follow up on this act of self-love with a delicious nutritious Little Toyko Ramen: a potent combination. If you want a more posh experience, check out Aire Ancient Baths.higher dose

5. Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) is a form of electromagnetic light energy invisible to humans. It uses infrared radiation to heat you directly: when it penetrates your skin it turns to heat and can improve blood circulation, rejuvenate your skin, burn calories, and help get rid of toxins (7x’s more so than a traditional sauna can). Other benefits of light therapy include: reduced swelling, pain relief, decreased inflammation, and accelerated open wound healing after surgical procedures. Sweat it out at Higher Dose.

6. IV Therapy

The most efficient and effective way to achieve therapeutic levels of vitamins in the blood and body tissues are through intravenous vitamin infusions. A great place to start is the Ash Center, where you’ll be greeted by people who know what they’re doing.

Mindful meditation

7. Meditate Your Stress Away

MNDFL meditation is New York City’s premier meditation studio. Meet some of our favorite teachers, including Elena Brower and Ally Bogard. Studies suggest that mindfulness meditation can help ease psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and pain. MNDDFL’s spectrum of meditation traditions offer simple, accessible techniques. When classes are not in session, their meditation room is open to the public for self-guided practice.

8. Yin Yoga

Get ready to drape yourself over blankets and pillows and hold poses for 3-5 minutes. Yin yoga targets your ligaments and joints, which are usually not exercised much in a more active asana style practice. Benefits: Calm and balance, increased mobility and less stress. Try Modo Yoga.

9. Season’s Eatings

In Chinese medicine, cold food is discouraged. Your body works hard to warm it, which weakens your digestive system. When it’s hot out, ok, but right about now it’s time to trade your salads for antioxidant-rich root vegetable soups, and your green juices for healing, cancer-fighting teas. One of our biggest tips: avoid sugar! It lowers your immunity and saps your bones of minerals you need, especially in the colder months!


10. Weekend Getaway at Kripalu

Get outta dodge for a couple days while the colors are still rich: head out for an R&R Retreat at Kripalu—in Massachusetts. Go for yoga, movement workshops, and solo time—including a unique nature walk around the lake at dusk. Hiking, nutrition tips, massage, and qigong are all par for the course. Schedule each day as though it’s your own—because it is.

11. Weekend Farmers Markets

Check out this impressive map and schedule of NYC farmer’s markets! Our markets are as diverse as the city itself. No matter where you are in NYC, everyday of the week you can find a bustling space with families, friends and colleagues shopping side-by-side for the freshest seasonal produce.

12. Free Your Weekends…and the rest will follow

How you spend your time away from your desk greatly affects the quality of work you do when you’re there. Turn off your phone and spend your weekends actually relaxing instead of worrying about work: coming in fresh on Monday minimizes your risk of burning the hell out. Research shows that people consistently feel better mentally and physically on weekends.ART1

13. Massage at Urban Wellness Clinic

In case you missed the memo, massage makes you feel good, inside and out. It reduces stress, pain and muscle tension, and can counter a number of health issues, including anxiety, digestive disorders, injuries, and lots more. Our extraordinary massage therapist Bethany Vivo has over 17 years’ experience. We look forward to helping you feel good this fall!

If you want more tips and tricks to decompress and chill out, visit us at Urban Wellness Clinic by giving us a call at 212-355-0445 or emailing us at

Best in health,

Dr Emily Kiberd