Urban Fit 2016
Urban Fit 2016

Urban Fit 2016

New Year, New Body in 6 weeks

Performance based. Result driven.
Performance based. Result driven.


We’re doctors, experts, and athletes, working together to champion you. We’ve got sharp eyes, with vigor to match. We don’t stop until you move pain-free.

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Your road to total recovery

You’re your own person—and your treatment should reflect that. We combine our expertise to adapt every session to your unique needs. Break the mold, and get results.

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Health around the clock

Work out at the workplace. We come to you, with tools to spur your productivity: learn ergonomics, avoid the p.m. brain fog, and revive muscles with Active Release Technique.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Sarah Cummings Testimonial

“I knew that it was imperative I find a great chiropractor if I wished to achieve my running goals. I have been able to run much more efficiently since starting treatment as my stride length has improved dramatically. I am able to recover from intense training runs much more quickly helping me take my training to the next level. Thank you!”

Sarah Cummings, Olympic Qualifier 2016 for Marathon Distance

BJ Galvan Testimonial

“I threw my back out during the first act of AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY and became so immobile that I had to let my understudy take over for the third act! Fortunately, Emily was able to see me the next morning and she had me back on stage that night–she’s THE BEST!!!”

Kimberly Guerrero, Actress

BJ Galvan Testimonial

“Dr. Kiberd is an excellent doctor and healer. Not only has she used her diverse methods to help me with personal physical adjustments, she has been my anatomy coach creating a streamline anatomy program for my yoga teacher trainings, and has also co-lead the anatomy portion of my training. She is brilliant and articulate, and I highly recommend her.”

BJ Galvan, International Yoga Teacher

Laura Fraser Testimonial

“I felt very comfortable at Urban Wellness clinic. The staff were friendly and knowledgable and really took their time to help me and get to the root of the problem. I felt so much better even after my first visit.”

Laura Fraser, Breaking Bad Actress